Question: Can my kid come once a week?
Answer: Once a week, twice a week, three times or four times a week is fine.

Question: Will my child be given things to study?
Answer: No, we do not give any student more work. We help the student with the work they have. Our focus is on homework first, then any tutoring. Students can bring in tests that they did poorly on and we will work on that subject matter together.

Question: What do you do after homework is finished?
Answer: We play! We have games, puzzles, comic books, and lots of other things to do. We basically wind down from finishing our work and studying.

Question: We are leaving town during the school year. Can we come for a month then take a break?
Answer: Taking some time off is fine. Please understand that there may be a waiting list for incoming students, so we require a week’s notice to let anyone who wants to fill in the space while you are away.

Question: What should my child bring?
Answer: Bring your homework! Bring any project like a book report or science project or anything else you need to do for school.

Question: Will you help my child study for a test?
Answer: Sure. We can do mock tests and go over strategies for remembering words, figuring out answers and even go over subject matter that your child didn’t grasp well the first time around.

Question: How long is the class/club?
Answer: The club is 2 and a half hours – from 3pm to 5:30pm. It is open on all school days except for Fridays.

Question: How big is the club? What is the student to helper ratio?
Answer: We can have up to 22 students in the club. The ratio ranges from 10 to 1 to 5 to 1, depending on the day.

Question: Do you do individual tutoring?
Answer: We do not do individual tutoring outside of the group structure. Our group atmosphere helps us to do math games and learning arrangements to facilitate comprehension and understanding. Our environment is always inclusive and there are no dumb questions. Our goal is to have every student feel comfortable with any project or test and to complete their work.

Question: Does the parent have to stay with their child?
Answer: No, but we don’t mind if you do. It’s okay with us if you drop off your child and pick them up after the club is over.

Question: What is the age range of students in the club?
Answer: We take students from 8 to 18. We can tutor mathematics up to calculus and all levels of English. We also love science and social studies projects.

Question: How do you tutor if you have a big class?
Answer: Our first priority is homework. If a student doesn’t understand their homework, then we use that as an avenue to tutor until the student reaches a level of understanding about their work. A student is welcome to ask us about any subject in which they are having difficulties.

Question: Can my child come even if they don’t have any homework or a project to work on?
Answer: No. We are not a babysitting service. We are a group dedicated to getting homework done, tutoring and educational games. We play only after we get our work done.