Summer Daycamp

Video Game Class: Ever wanted to create your own video games? Learn how to program in HTML5 and Javascript in order to make fun games using a tile grid! The games we will make include the classic games of Pong, a Tetris-like game, a racing game and an adventure game.

Pinata Making Class featuring Fortnite, Marvel and more! Ever wanted to make your own pinata? We’ll learn how to make a pinata of your choice of different characters – from ! We’ll learn how to do paper mache’ to make pinatas from scratch. We’ll stuff our pinatas so you can take them home to break at your leisure. We’ll learn to draw different popular characters and then decide which ones we want to make into pinatas. At the end of the class we’ll have a pinata party – and break open the teacher’s pinata. 

Candle Making, Sand Sculpting and Gardening Class: Learn how to create candles, build frames for planters, and sculpt sand sculptures. We’ll make frames for planters that we’ll decorate as well as make different kinds of candles. We’ll use sand to create sand scupltures from sand candles to sand planters with candles or plants on top. On the last day of class we’ll show off your creations to your parents.

Bookmaking Class: Ever wanted to write your own book? We’ll create stories and/or poems and bring them to life with your artwork! We’ll learn different bookmaking techniques including making pop-up books, cereal box books, accordion books and more. Bring your stories to life – and on the last day we will have an art opening to show parents your handiwork.

Cooking and Sewing Class – for boys, too! Learn how to cook different recipes from lasagna to pizza to quesadillas to pastries and cookies. We will make and then taste each others’ foods – and maybe bring some leftovers home to the parents! We’ll sew our own apron and decorate it with cool items and pockets so you can cook without making a mess. A fun and delicious class!

Woodworking and Art Day Camp: Learn how to build frames and boxes to store your artworks! We’ll be building with tools and making art pieces to put in frames and boxes – that you made. We’ll have an art show at the end of the week showing your handiwork!